Plan Service

Two firms provide daily service to Montana VEBA HRA participants. These firms are the contract administrator, A.W. Rehn & Associates of Spokane, WA and Washington Trust Bank of Spokane, WA.

A.W. Rehn & Associates is an experienced employee benefits administrator specializing in the administration of VEBA health reimbursement plans. Individual participant account management and benefit payment services are provided by Rehn & Assoc. All specific account questions, claim questions, account statement inquires should be directed to A.W. Rehn & Associates. They may be reached at:

REHN & Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 5433
Spokane, WA 99205-0433
1-800-VEBA101 (832-2101) or (509) 534-0600

Washington Trust Bank of Spokane is the Trust and holds the funds for all Montana VEBA HRA participants. The assets of the Plan are held in trust and Washington Trust Bank has been named the trustee. This Trust is a voluntary employees' beneficiary association under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(9). They may be reached at:

Washington Trust Bank
Attn: Private Banking
717 W. Sprague Avenue
PO Box 2127
Spokane, WA 99210-2127

All group education is administered by the Health Care and Benefits Bureau at the State of Montana Department of Administration. Employer group leaders may contact the State for assistance with group formation, contribution discussions as well as on-going member services. They may be reached at:

Health Care & Benefits Division-Dept of Administration
P.O. Box 200130
100 N Park Avenue, Suite 320
Helena, MT 59601

Legal counsel utilized for the Letter of Determination process as well as development of the Trust Instrument and general legal consulting was, Russell Greenblatt of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP. He is nationally recognized as a leader in the employee benefits field of VEBAs and HRAs. His experience brings the VEBA participants, and participating employers the highest level of legal expertise to ensure the Plan is operating in compliance with complex federal tax regulations.

The Plan's agent for service of legal process is the State of Montana Department of Administration, Health Care & Benefits Bureau. Notice of legal process may also be delivered to the Trustee or the Plan Administrator.

This Plan is provided under collective bargaining agreements or employer policy.

Because the benefits for a participant in the Plan depend solely on the value of the employer's contribution to the Plan on the participant's behalf, the law does not require this Plan to be insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

All accounts are 100% vested and the Plan does not discriminate regarding eligibility to participate.

In the event any Participant Account shall have been unclaimed for a period of at least three (3) years since the whereabouts or continued existence of the person entitled thereto was last known to the Administrator, the Participant Account shall be turned over to whichever State office or department may be entitled to such property under applicable state unclaimed property law.

The Plan year is the calendar year.

Requests for benefits under the Plan must be made in writing to the Montana VEBA HRA Administrator in accordance with the claims procedure. Requests for benefits that are denied may be appealed in writing to the Montana VEBA HRA Administrator.